Paranoid enterprise messenger with open-source on-premise  server from corporate banking security experts

Security comes with expertise

Developed by experts in corporate banking security with more than 20 years of experience

  • True P2P transport-level encryption
  • Forcible message security policies
  • Advanced man-in-the-middle counter-measures
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Perfectly balanced feature list

Implemented features do not compromise security being conciously selected for those who care about it

  • Accordion Icon Attachment management policy

    You would never want to leave sensitive files floating around in your devices uncontrolably. Our app deploy special encrypted sandbox on your smartphone or desktop computer so that any downloaded file stay inside that sandbox. Yet you can export files into any other app anytime, but you do it conciously.

  • Accordion Icon Voice and video calls policy

    Voice and video calls are made over encrypted peer-to-peer tunnel. You don't need to use VPN for calls anymore. Archiving, saving and intercepting is impossible. That's the price you pay for security.

  • Accordion Icon Group messaging and broadcast lists

    Group members list is unavailable outside the group. Group existance is conceived. Only invited members know the group name and its members. Distribution list members are known to the creator, and kept secret even from members.

Meet our amazing team

Good project needs a good team, but awesome project needs the dream team. Thats who we are.

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Apps for real freedom can not be built centralized, yet full decentralization brings chaos and lack of comfort. We aim to bring mixed balanced approach to the masses.

Al Mochkin

Concept & Idiology

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We like to build apps with simple user interface, but with very powerful science under the hood.

Alejandro Che

Technical Supervision

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As we know, there are plenty of messaging startups. Many of them call theirs brainchild secured. But "secured messaging" is not just a buzzword for next ambitious startup team.

Den Koz

Mobile/Desktop Development

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PRVC aimed to fill the gap between so called "secure messengers" startups and cumbersome enterprise on-premises systems with messaging option.

Onotole Tulenino


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Paranoic Group

$ 390/mo

  • 2 domain licenses
  • 100 users
  • integrations
  • updates
  • premium support

Paranoic Enterprise


  • unlimited domain licenses
  • unlimited users
  • integrations
  • updates
  • premium support

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